My name is Peng Yingfu and I come from Hechi city in Guangxi Province.  I am currently studying civil engineering at Guilin University of Technology. 

I live in the mountains where nearly every household is living in poverty.  So do our family.  Thus, my way through school is full of difficulties and obstacles.  Can you imagine the hardships a national player had to endure before becoming world champion? I can.  I know exactly how they felt because from primary school to university,  the misfortunes I had to bear won’t be lesser.  People always talk about the nostalgia of happy childhood but definitely not mine.  I don’t miss my childhood because it has been rough and miserable.  A lot of my childhood memories involved shedding of tears.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of people that pay close attention to the poor and disadvantaged groups in China and is willing to lend a helping hand.  They are Community Roots China (CRC).  I remember when I was in high school, I couldn’t concentrate on college entrance exam preparation due to family issues.  Fortunately, with teacher’s assistance, I got funding from CRC.  This financial aid enable me to finish high school as well as to attend ideal university that I thought I couldn’t afford.  I truly appreciate everything CRC has done for me. 

Now I am able to attend college, which seems impossible to all my villagers.  What I have to do at this moment is to study hard and acquire new skills, so that I can contribute to my village community in the future.  

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who have been a great help to me.  Without you, I wouldn’t have received such a decent education.  In order to live up to your love and expectations, I will strive for excellence in education, with the aim of becoming more useful and valuable to society one day.

I am in Guangxi
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Education Sponsorship

Education Sponsorship

63% of rural left-behind children are unable to attend high school, and only 8% reach university. CRC's Education Sponsorship program provides students with a sponsorship of 2,775 RMB/year to attend high school, vocational school or university.The sponsorship helps impoverished students cover their yearly school tuition, boarding fee and basic living expenses such as books, clothes and transportation. Help them achieve their dreams, change their future, and effect a positive change in the future of China!

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Huang Fumei

"I like reading. My primary school teacher used to say that knowledge can change one's destiny. So born to a poor family, I hope that, through my own efforts, I can get admitted to the university and find a good job afterwards, and thus change my destiny and resolve family difficulties.“

I have a big family with my elderly grandparents, my father and mother, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Grandpa is 71 years old and too senile to do manual work. His job now is to take care of the grandchildren and keep the house. Grandma is 70 years old. She often suffers dizziness due to high blood pressure, which she always has to take medicine to control. We would feel relieved as long as she can take care of herself.

One of my younger sisters is a high school freshman this year and she's a quite good student. Both of us are in high school now and high school costs. Tuition, books, and living expenses all need money. My little brother and the other little sister are in the sixth grade of primary school. Tuition and books are free at that level because the government pays for them. However, we all need to pay for our living expenses, learning materials, and stationery.

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