CRC is happy to announce that Shanghai Rende Foundation is now the Chinese charity partner of CRC.

Shanghai Rende Foundation was initiated by Amity Foundation (Nanjing) and is an official non-governmental grant-making foundation in Shanghai. Corporations working with CRC will now be able to receive an official donation receipt or juan zeng fapiao for their CSR program. Through RenDe, CRC projects will also be able to accept funds from the Tencent platform.



Currently, CRC has the following projects you and your organization can be involved with:

  • Education Sponsorship

    CRC Education Sponsorship program operates in 9 provinces, with a datase of over 500 children. The purpose is to help impoverished students from rural areas cover their yearly high school or university tuition and basic living expenses.

    Target: high school/vocational college/university students in the Chinese countryside

  • Bookworm Libraries

    Through this program, corporations can provide age-appropriate fun books and bookshelves to primary schools in the interior of China.

    Target: primary schools in the Chinese countryside

If you are interested in these CRC programs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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