Children are our hope for the future and education is the key to their success. We approached several teenagers from poor families living in Dahua, Guangxi. They are attending high school in spite of the financial pressure caused by the need to pay tuition for high school. In order to address this issue of access to education, CRC has come out with a practical plan i.e. providing the students with a sponsorship and a sponsor. CRC is honoured to be able to help in this manner.

Meng Shanhai (alias) has a pair of large & deep-set eyes, dark & healthy skin and broad shoulders. His career vision is to become an interior designer. He says: "Your love is like the bright sun shine that gives me warmth. Your financial support has brought the dawn of hope. Because of your love and generosity, I can continue my studies without worries and I am more eager to learn. Again I am truly touched by the warmth of this community.”

Lan Lizhen (alias) is a contented and kind person with agrateful heart. Although she is only in high school, she has already started making full use of her summer holidays by getting a part-time job to help reduce the financial burden on family and, of course, to gain work experience. We sincerely wish her a bright and happy future. Lan Lizhen told CRC "I have always believed the society we live in is promising. Yesterday has departed.The sun has risen today and I love to greet the day with gratitude for your kindness.”

Qin Shan’s academic performance is not very impressive, but he firmly believes that he will get better over time. With a heart full of gratitude, he is able to go further even though his life gets tougher. Speaking in general to his sponsors, Qin Shan say: "The only thing I can say is ‘thank you’. I can’t tell you how encouraged and grateful I am to know that there’s someone out there who gives generously and just in time. You are the most lovely person I have ever encountered. Even though I do not know you, I look up to you and will pass on your good deed to someone in need in the future. I too will make a contribution to society. I will never forget your kindness and will bear in mind your selfless dedication forever in my mind.”

Lu Hebei (alias) is a pretty and lovely girl. Right under her short-cut bangs, there is a pair of beautiful eyes and a warm smile. At this age she has already known how to give back to society. Her ambition is to become a teacher and she is willing to visit nursing homes or orphanages. She has the compassion to help the homeless."Just like the Olympic torch, once I receive your loving support, I definitely pass it down to the next person. We can carry on this good will until the whole world is full of love!”

Lu Hongxue (alias), is a shy kid with an cheerful heart and a glorious vision for her life. A few short remarks from her friends and we can already feel the warmth of her heart. "This abundant support brought me not only practical help but also moral help. It is a source of encouragement. Now I am ready to discover new fields of knowledge. I will make every effort to return the favour. With a grateful heart I keep moving forward along life’s path. With passion and perseverance I intend to create a more glorious tomorrow.”

Wei Bingzhen (alias), in his blue sports wear, is a gentle boy who is tall and writes beautifully. He can be a very patient person. This is an aspect of his personality that will make him an excellent teacher. In spite of his age, he has come to understand the truth about life – enjoy what you are doing as it is the best way to give back to the community.

"During this winter vacation, I got in touch with a teacher from the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University. During our interactions, I acquired plenty of information. More over, I am strongly influenced by his charismatic personality. I learned that we, human beings must always stay strong in any kind of circumstances. After further thought and consideration, I made up my mind to attend Teacher Training College after high school. I want to help the disadvantaged children. I may not be able to help them financially, but I can still help them spiritually.”

Li Hongming (alias) comes from a poor family. Despite his deprived background, he doesn’t complain. On the contrary, his heart is full of love for his family. His dream is to become an electrician who can light the way home for others in dark and wintry nights. "Besides gratitude, nothing else can interpret what I feel.It doesn’t matter if one is not very good nor smart enough nor strong enough as long as one is filled with gratitude, he/she will possess a good and gentle heart.’

CRC would like to thank all the Sponsors from the bottom of our heart for your valuable support. We thank all the sponsors who give generously for the sake of the children’s education. We thank all the volunteers for taking time to think about the welfare of Chinese children. Regardless of what you contribute, sweat, money or love, we believe that through our combined efforts, this vast expanse of land is already starting to yield fruits.

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